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$125 RAPID Nasal Antigen Test NOW AVAILABLE

We are now doing ANTIGEN rapid testing in our Dripping Springs Urgent Care Parking lot. Our tests are FDA authorized and help determine if you currently have COVID-19.

If you are covered under insurance and have symptoms and/or direct exposure, you can make an appointment with our family medicine or call our urgent care.  We will have a provider see you and determine which test would work best for you. We offer Nasal Swab and the Serum tests if you have symptoms and/or direct exposure. Quest is onsite to administer our PCR Nasal Swab Test.

*Tests are FDA Authorized and price does not include a physician visit.

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1. Do I need a referral to get a COVID-19 test?
No. You do not need a referral to visit our urgent care or family practice for a COVID-19 test. We do offer the Nasal Swab, Rapid Antigen test, Rapid antibody test, and the Serum antibody test. 

2. How long does the test take?
The nasal and finger prick tests take 20 minutes for a result. This DOES NOT include a visit with a provider. It is possible to be in and out in less than an hour depending on how many people we have ahead of you.

The nasal swab and serum tests are done with CPL and take 2-3 days to get results.  These tests MUST be accompanied by a provider visit.

3. Why can’t I run it through my insurance? I thought all COVID-19 testing was covered?
You absolutely can run the tests through your insurance if you have symptoms, or have had direct contact with someone with COVID-19. We require a provider to see you and you need to make an appointment with our Family Medicine or Walk into Urgent Care. You will be responsible for your office visit copay, deductible and coinsurance, depending on your insurance provider. 

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