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Nutrition Counseling, Diabetes Education, Weight Management, Healthy Lifestyle.
lewis family medicine nutrition and health education

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Lewis family medicine provides nutrition and health education

At Lewis Family Medicine we believe that nutrition and basic health is essential to prevent and fight disease.

Our goal is to provide everyone with a comprehensive understanding of nutrition and general health concepts to help them avoid more serious and costly treatments in the future. To accomplish this, we offer a range of health and nutrition coaching services including Nutrition Counseling, Diabetes Education, Weight Management Coaching, and Healthy Lifestyle advice and programs.

Our Services

Nutrition Counseling in Austin Texas

Nutrition Counseling

After assessing your general physical health and wellness, providers at Lewis Family Medicine will provide nutrition counseling customized to your unique needs.

There are many consequences to poor nutrition such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia, and our counseling is tailored to help prevent or mitigate the harmful effects of each.

The process starts with a physical exam. Click Here to schedule an appointment.

Diabetes Education

Lewis Family Medicine can educate you and your family to properly manage diabetes. With treatment and healthy lifestyle changes, our patients with diabetes can prevent or even delay the onset of complications.

It is even possible to reverse some of the damage caused by diabetes through the better management of blood glucose monitoring and control. Our goal is to help improve your A1C through monitoring, management, and education.

The process starts with a physical exam. Click Here to schedule an appointment.

Weight Management in Austin Texas

Weight Management

Lewis Family Medicine is a trained provider of the Ideal Protein Protocol.

The Ideal Protein Protocol is a medically-developed, supervised ketogenic weight loss and behavior modification protocol. While the traditional keto diet is high in fat, Ideal Protein consists of low-fat, low-carb foods with an optimal amount of protein.

Our weight management service starts with an initial consult and physical exam. Based on that appointment, we’ll make a recommendation for a weight loss plan and create a customized approach to helping you achieve your weight loss goals.

After we get started, we’ll set up meetings for weekly coaching that includes general education and support, as well as measurements that include body fat, water weight, muscle mass, and BMI.

The process starts with a physical exam. Click Here to schedule an appointment.

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching in Austin Texas

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

If you want to prevent illnesses and some chronic conditions, or simply mitigate existing health issues, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle.

At Lewis Family Medicine, our goal is to provide you with the education and medical information you need to accomplish just that!

Our providers are both educators and proponents of healthy living. We will provide you and your family with comprehensive health care that integrates clinical, biological, and behavioral approaches to your overall health, then educate you on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The process starts with a physical exam. Click Here to schedule an appointment.

Lewis Family Medicine and Urgent Care is committed to providing you and your family with exceptional medical care as your primary doctor in Dripping Springs.

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Lewis family medicine provides nutrition and health education

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Nutrition & Health Education
Wellness & Prevention
Well Woman, Well Man, Well Child, Work/Sports Physicals, School Physicals, Immunizations, Allergy Prevention, Flu Shots, Gynecology, Depression.
Treatment of Acute Illnesses
Whether it’s the cold, the flu, a stomach virus, or pneumonia, we can diagnose and treat a wide range of acute illnesses to get you back on your feet.
We perform in-office lab examinations, x-rays, ultrasounds, EKG, echocardiogram, lung function tests, and vascular studies.
We strive to keep chronic conditions in check and under control so you can continue to live a high quality of life.
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